About Our Company

Twin Forks Cremation Services is a full service funeral home located in Cutchogue, NY.  We specialize in the following services:


-memorial services




-and much more!


Twin Forks Cremation Services takes pride in always offering honest and reliable service.  Our professional and courteous staff will listen to what your funeral needs are and will do everything to accommodate you and your loved ones requests.  Whether it be a traditional burial or cremation.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your loved one.  From simple cremation and direct cremation to urns, and memorials, our funeral home provides a variety of funeral services to better serve your needs.  We are The Choice...when your choice is cremation.  Simple and affordable.


Why Choose Us

  • Honest and Reliable Service
  • Professional and Courteous Staff
  • Affordable Rates


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